Ballots Backdated and Disappeared

Postal Service labeled Trump mail ‘Undeliverable,’ 388,000 ballots backdated or disappeared

One whistleblower describes how he is transporting ballots across state lines into Pennsylvania when his semi trailer is stolen.

Another whistleblower in Michigan describes how mail-in votes were "backdated" to make them eligible to be counted after election day.


Witness Intimidation

Witness in Hospital After Beating

Sidney Powell talks about whistleblowers needing protection and why they are reluctant to come forward.


Here is the Evidence

This is a crowdsourcing tool for organizing anomalies and legal issues.

Lots of details about the 2020 election and other topics.


Votes from Non-Voters

Biden Gains 110,000 Votes

Rigging Allegations

The Shocking Allegations of Mass Vote Fraud Made by Sidney Powell in Georgia

Infographic detailing the several and various means by which attempts were made to rig the election.


Nationwide Ballot Tampering

General Thomas McInerney Outlines New Evidence Alleging Nationwide Ballot Tampering to Prevent Trump Landslide

General McInnery alleges that the CIA programs Hammer and Scorecard were used to rig the election against President Trump.


Election Fraud Cases

A database of election fraud cases going back to 1979.


Pristine Ballots for Biden

Georgia recount worker with 20 years of experience handling ballots described an odd batch that stood out. Pristine sheets with no markings and 98% for Biden.

That is, mail-in votes did not even have the fold that would have been necessary to get them into the envelopes to be mailed in.

Massive Vote Dumps

MILLIONS OF VOTES Either Switched from President Trump to Biden or Were Lost

IT experts worked through a dataset of the 2020 election and found that millions of votes were either lost or transferred from President Trump to Joe Biden


Election Theft

Nine useful articles and data points showcasing 2020's election theft


Trump Ballots Switched to Biden

I read her a Trump Republican ballot, and as soon as she entered it into the system, the ballot defaulted on the screen to a Biden Democratic ballot


Tyrannical Coup d'Etat

A monumental moment in the history of the world

Paul Weston warns against wanting to live in a totalitarian system.

Easy to Change Votes

Russ Ramsland on Dominion: "We began to look and realized how easy it is to change votes"

Russ Ramsland is an election security expert and he gave this interview before the 2020 US election.

Woman Votes in Texas - and California!

Woman Who Voted For Trump in Texas Shocked to Find Record of Her Voting via Mail-in Ballot in California

Woman moves to Texas a year ago and when she checked on her Texas vote she is shocked to find that she already posted a mail-in vote in California - for Biden.


Examples Pouring In

Alleged examples of voting fraud pouring in despite Democrats' insistence no such fraud exists"

OAN report

Dead People Voting

Dead People Cast Ballots in Michigan, Data Researcher Alleges

About 9,500 voters whose names and dates of birth (DOB) match death records in the Social Security Death Index (SSDI) are marked in the Michigan mail voting database as having returned ballots, according to an analysis of the state’s election data conducted by a data researcher.


Votes Found in trash

Wedding Was Hosted At a Polling Location After the Election — Look What They Found In the Trash

After their wedding, couple finds Trump ballots in the trash can. Same hall used as polling station.

Pallets Full of Ballots

This guy knows what is happening!

Captured in Real Time

That Moment in Virginia at 5:12 AM Where they Took 373,000 Votes Off the State Totals

And are we the only ones to notice that the computer counting glitches ONLY favor Democrats and Sleepy Joe?


NYC More Dead Voters

Ballots have been mailed in to the New York City Board of Elections in the name of dead voters

Frances Reckhow, who was born in 1915, would be 105 today, and died in 2012, requested a mail-in ballot, filled it out, and returned it.

Gertrude Nizzere, who was born in 1919, would be 101 today, and died in 2016, requested an absentee ballot, filled it out, and returned it.


FL Dead Registered as Democrats

... all of which featured the same handwriting ...

Broward County Officials Expose Scheme to Register Dead People as Democrats


TX Stacks of Drivers' Licenses

... Houston precinct judge and staff illegally used a stack of driver’s licenses ...

Phoney drivers' licenses were issued to voters at the polling station to provide ID so that they could vote.


WA Stolen Ballots

Bags Full Of Stolen Ballots Found In Seattle Suburb

"Another example of “safe and secure vote-by-mail” is playing out in Sammamish, Washington, a few miles east of Seattle."


CA BallotsSent to Dead People

Close to half a million ballots sent to California voters who have moved or died

When these extra ballots are returned, I wonder what happens to them?


Ballots for the Dead

Biden Donor Group Sends 225,000+ Ballot Requests, Including for DEAD Citizens

The group is responsible for sending over 225,000 ballot request forms to residents in Texas, many of whom are deceased.

As reported by local news, one individual received multiple ballot request forms for her deceased husband.


CA Mail in Trash Can

California Man Finds Mail-In Ballots in Santa Monica Trash Cans

A Santa Monica man found dozens of mail-in ballots and other important mail tossed into two trash cans in an alley last week.

The man called local authorities who are looking into the scandal.


NH Fake Ballots

New Hampshire Voters Receive Fake Ballots in the Mail with Personal Note

New Hampshire residents are receiving unrequested absentee ballots with a handwritten note in the mail. The NH attorney general did put a Facebook post about it up saying they are fake.


Grenell Twitter Ban

Twitter Locks Out Former DNI and Ambassador Ric Grenell Over Voter Fraud Warning

Big Tech does not want anyone telling you about possible voter or election fraud.


Ballots Stolen

Man steals voting ballots from several people’s mailboxes in Escondido, CA

For story, see below:

Ballots Stolen

Thief Caught on Surveillance Video Grabbing Mail ...

The next morning, a resident on the block found a pile of mail from houses up and down the street — including some ballots — sitting on a car nearby, apparently discarded by the thief.


TX Mayoral Candidate Arrested

Carrollton Mayoral Candidate Arrested

Zul Mirza Mohamed, a candidate in the City of Carrollton mayoral race, has been arrested and charged with 84 counts of mail ballot application fraud.


PA Trump Ballots Destroyed

Huge trove of Pennsylvania mail-in ballot applications sent by the Trump campaign to individual voters, found destroyed in USPS trailers


CA POTUS Vote Not Allowed

Presidential candidates missing from 2,100 absentee ballots - Los Angeles Times

More than 2,000 Los Angeles County voters got mail-in ballots with a very egregious flaw: no way to vote for U.S. president.


VA Ballots Stolen

Virginia Election Officials Fear Ballots Stolen After 6 Outdoor Mailboxes at Post Offices Broken Into Over the Weekend

Post offices in Henrico County, Chesterfield County and Richmond were all struck some time between Saturday afternoon and Monday morning, the Department of Elections said. The department said anyone who dropped off a ballot at the six locations should call the U.S. Postal Service hotline to report it.


The People Know

The American people know the media is lying!

Blueprint To Steal 2020

REVEALED: The Democrats' Blueprint To Steal 2020 From The Voters Of America

The Democrats intend to steal the presidency in 2020. It is the only way they can “win.” They’ve learned this. They’ve lived it. And without a decisive turnout in 2020 they believe they have mastered the process.

If you thought that Bush vs. Gore, or the Georgia and Florida 2018 recounts were ugly, keep your powder dry. 2020 will be the worst yet.


TX Ballot Harvesting

Biden’s Texas Political Director Accused of Illegal Ballot Harvesting At Texas Supreme Court

Two private investigators, including a former FBI agent and former police officer, testify under oath that they have video evidence, documentation and witnesses to prove that Biden’s Texas Political Director Dallas Jones and his cohorts are currently hoarding mail-in and absentee ballots and ordering operatives to fill the ballots out for people illegally, including for dead people, homeless people, and nursing home residents, in the 2020 presidential election.


PA Trump Votes Dumped

FBI finds mail-in ballots discarded in Pennsylvania. All of them were cast for President Trump

HARRISBURG – On Monday, September 21, 2020, at the request of Luzerne County District Attorney Stefanie Salavantis, the Office of the United States Attorney along with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Scranton Resident Office, began an inquiry into reports of potential issues with a small number of mail-in ballots at the Luzerne County Board of Elections.


VA Duplicate Ballots

Nearly 1,000 duplicate ballots sent to voters in Virginia


Postal Workers Trash Ballots

Anti-Trump Postal Workers in GOP Neighborhoods Throw Mail-In Ballots in the Garbage

A Democrat operative says the United States Postal Service (USPS) workers who despise President Trump will sometimes help election fraudsters by throwing in the garbage mail-in ballots from Republican-heavy neighborhoods.


Bloomberg’s $16 million for Felons

Investigation into former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s $16 million donation to restore voting right for felons

Under Florida law, you cannot directly or indirectly give anything of value to persuade or entice a vote.



How did that happen?

What are the questions we should be asking? Did your vote count? How many times or at all? How many errors are too many? When do votes ever go negative? Who is responsible for all of these mistakes? Don't we have a right to know?

Witness Intimidation

Election Witness in ICU

Gen. Flynn: Other Witnesses Had Tires Slashed, House Broken Into Twice

Former National Security Advisor to President Trump Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn (U.S. Army ret.) spoke on Thursday about the price being paid by Americans speaking out about fraud and irregularities in the recent presidential election, saying that one was hospitalized in the intensive care unit while others have had tires slashed, their home broken into twice or been forced to move.


GA Numbers Don’t Add Up

"... impossible" and "cannot occur naturally"

A mathematician has noticed that Biden's votes in Fulton County advanced at a number of exact ratios in several precincts. The likelihood of that happening naturally is next to zero.

Absolute Proof

Important part

Mike Lindell's film, Absolute Proof, is over two hours long. This is the final part showing all the connections to foreign servers over the Internet. They have both the IP addresses and the MAC addresses of the machines involved.

WND has a link to the complete documentary on its site.

Trump Truth Social Post

PDF Summary of 2020 Swing States

Trump: I am pleased to share a Report that is fully verified, most of the information was gotten from Government Sources, Tapes, and other Public Records, and compiled by the most highly qualified Election Experts in the Country.

These numbers are determinative and, in all cases, are hundreds of thousands of Votes per Swing State more than I needed to WIN that State. If the Republican Senate does not step forward and address this ATROCITY, it will happen again, and be virtually impossible for Republicans to WIN ELECTIONS in the future.